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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Should Feel Guilty

Every so often--like just now--I recommend (to those poor reading-hating high school students who are given classics I know they won't enjoy at all because they just aren't up to that, yet) watching the movie over reading the book.

Especially if they've gone 2 months and have only read 50 pages of a 300 page novel and have a paper due on it in a week.

More especially if that movie version is a good adaptation, entertaining, and absolutely fantastic.

And even more especially if that movie is the 2006 Jane Eyre.

Yes. I should feel guilty.

But I don't.


~Mary said...


There for awhile Amy and I had to watch it every night before we went to bed, well the 2nd dvd at least...

It is fantastic!!! AMAZING! When I want a good girl movie, I am sure to put that version on! It definitely hits the spot!

Phillip H. Tang said...

As a teacher I should lecture you and that student about how wrong this is, but I can't bring myself to do it.

Heidi said...

Ha ha!

What would you think to hear that my AP English teacher prepared us for the AP test by having us watch as many film adaptations of books so that we'd at least be aware of plots and characters in case we encountered them in the essay questions?