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Friday, September 4, 2009

The (film) Heroes Poll results

First of all, I would like to note that there were 11 people who voted! Woohoo! A new record! Thank you to all who participated. I hope you enjoyed thinking on the men we love to watch on film, and knowing you had to go watch them again soon!

Here are the results:

Much Loved British Period Drama Heroes (from Film)

Mr. Edward Ferrars – 2008 1 (9%)
Mr. Henry Tilney – 2007 4 (36%)
Mr. Tom LeFroy – 2007 1 (9%)
Captain Frederick Wentworth – 2007 3 (27%)
Mr. William Wilberforce – 2006 2 (18%)
Mr. Norman Warne – 2006 2 (18%)
Mr. Edward Rochester – 2006 5 (45%)
Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy – 2005 1 (9%)
Mr. Dick Dewy – 2005 1 (9%)
Mr. John Thornton – 2004 3 (27%)
Mr. Daniel Deronda – 2002 0 (0%)
Mr. Roger Hamley – 1999 4 (36%)
Mr. Horatio Hornblower - 1998-2003 1 (9%)
Mr. John Rokesmith – 1998 1 (9%)
Mr. Angel Clare – 1998 0 (0%)
Mr. George Knightley – 1996 3 (27%)
Mr. Gilbert Markham – 1996 0 (0%)
Colonel Brandon – 1995 1 (9%)
Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy – 1995 4 (36%)
Captain Frederick Wentworth – 1995 1 (9%)
Mr. Will Ladislaw – 1994 0 (0%)

And now, my comments--my favorite part. Ah, the perks of this blog.

We already know that each man got on to this poll for one fancy of mine or another. But now I'm going to make a few comments of the results.

First off, my votes. I have my guesses on who some readers voted for. :-) I'm pretty sure that these were my votes for The Best of My Best:

Mr. Henry Tilney (surprise, surprise!)
Mr. William Wilberforce (Aaaaaaa-men!)
Mr. Norman Warne (awww...)
Mr. Roger Hamley (though I concede that he is Kim's)
Mr. John Rokesmith (mine all mine)

I am happy to see others agreed in some of these choices, too. My votes were because these men possessed qualities that I really do want to see in my best friend. That their traits are
  1. realistic, possible, and believable (meaning that I have actually met young men with their traits and have known that I personally love them and would like them to be part of my eternal companion)
  2. and that each one's love story is one I can connect to in some way or another...or that I want to connect to, anyhow.

Now, on to the poor, neglected, unvoted for men.

Mr. Daniel Deronda - well, even I acknowledged there wasn't too much "wow" about him. But he is quite sincere. And patient. And understanding. A good listener. And many other good qualities. I'm guessing it's a British Period film not too many have seen. Not to mention his love story being very background to it all.

Mr. Angel Clare - And, of course, we have acknowledged my shallowness in loving Angel for his looks. But I don't think his desire for a virtuous woman was a problem. In fact, it's a high point on my list of things I'd like my husband to be wanting in his wife. However, I would also want my husband to be understanding and willing to listen. It is not his fault he did not receive her note (though how literary characters have not yet learned that notes always get misplaced or put into the wrong hands). But when she did confess her past, he should not have shunned her. His ideal got in the way of him being practical, forgiving, and much more. I can see why so many wouldn't vote for him. But I do see him as real. And very attractive.
Mr. Gilbert Markham - I'm sure this is because no one else has seen the movie. I hadn't even heard of the book until SaraLyn mentioned it to me. Then, being on a Toby Stephens kick and seeing he was in the film, I couldn't wait to read the book first. I didn't mind.
Mr. Will Ladislaw - Again, one I think few have seen. And also that he not set up to be a glamorous hero like so many others. But he is worth it in his own rights.
Then we have the One-Vote Wonders.
Mr. Edward Ferrars - That was you, Meredith, wasn't it? No shame there. Not. At. All. This is my favorite Edward--in looks and personality.
Mr. Tom LeFroy - I can see why he wouldn't get many votes for a variety of reasons. (On my part, it's for being a wink historically inaccurate and more for being a bit of a rascal for the first 3/4 of the film.)
Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy ('05) - That's just because Maggie hasn't voted, yet. In many ways, this is my preferred Darcy. But in others, he's not. And I must say I struggled for a few weeks after seeing him in The Way We Live Now. I was ready to smack him in a rage. But I'm loving him in Little Dorrit - probably more so than as Darcy. (Only 2 episodes left!)
Mr. Dick Dewy - It has to be because few have seen Under the Greenwood Tree. Trust me, ladies, you will love it! And him! The washing hands scene. The woods scene. The river scene (oh yeah). And my probably favorite--the singing apology scene.
Mr. Horatio Hornblower - Oh, where did I go wrong? Surely you have seen this debonair, upstanding swashbuckler with his wonderful smile, humor, loyalty, quick-thinking, leadership, humility, and much more? Of course, only two episodes of how his stupidity concerning Maria were enough to lessen him a great deal in my own opinion. So I guess there could be understanding there.
Mr. John Rokesmith - This has to be because no one else has seen Our Mutual Friend. While I know you'll enjoy both love stories, I have no problem claiming John as all my own.
Colonel Brandon - He is my favorite Brandon. Ever since he said "The air is full of spices." Cate and Jane teased me on that one in our sophomore year, but understood it, too. I think if Annie had seen this poll, she would have added an emphatic vote for him. As it is, though, he only got one. Sad.
Captain Frederick Wentworth ('95) - I love Ciaran Hinds in this role. He was my Wentworth in my college days. But as I've said, he only played it so well because he had Amanda Root as Anne.
Next there are the Two-Timers. In votes, that is.
Mr. William Wilberforce - This has to be because no one has come to love Amazing Grace as much as SaraLyn and myself. 'Cause I'm pretty sure we're the two who voted for him. No problem in wanting a man who is devoted, intelligent, witty, courageous, persistant, religious, and stands up for what is right even when he's alone in doing so.
Mr. Norman Warne - Again, I think this was just SaraLyn and me. (Norman does remind me of your husband.) It's either because others haven't seen Miss Potter, or they wer enot as enchanted with it as I was. He is not the showy hero like so many others. No, he is instead a gem to be found.
Now on to the Third-Votes-a-Charm.
Captain Frederick Wentworth ('07) - Well done. Well done.
Mr. John Thornton - I watched him again last night. Yes, the whole film. And there are definitely parts that I love. But I just don't feel I know him very well. Sure we get a chance to see his behavior, know of his past, and learn his views and opinions. But we rarely ever get to see him and Margaret together. I'm still trying to figure out how he came to love her, and thus what he loves about her. I can see her over time coming to love him. But they have few happy moments together. Few times of agreeable conversation. At least, from what we're shown in the movie. And there's where I have problems. (Anyone who knows me well would know that's quite similar to why I have issues with Twilight.) I guess if ladies like the dark, brooding, temper-passionate male, then these results make sense. But it's not quite for me.
Mr. George Knightley - You know this guy is some absolutely amazing person if we can all love him in spite of his ginormous nose. :-) Best Knightley. So far. Let's see what this new version will bring us.
Then to our Four Scores.
Mr. Henry Tilney - Oh my wonderful, wise friends! Not that I needed any justification in my dear Henry. But I'm so glad there are others who see his fantastic merits, too! (Especially the part on humor. Too many of the other heroes lack it, comparatively speaking.)
Mr. Roger Hamley - Again! Marks of true wisdom! And understanding, too, for Roger has his moments of blindess and stupidity. Two+ years of it, in fact.
Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy ('95) - Well, I don't see how that could have been helped. But some of that conversation was in the previous post's comments. I can say that I'm happy he wasn't the overall winner, as it shows you readers have branched out your tastes and seen how many more wonderful British Period film dramas there are.
And the winner is...
Mr. Edward Rochester! - I am perfectly happy with this winner, as only Toby Stephens can play. Ciaran Hinds wasn't bad. But he wasn't Toby. This is another role that was accentuated by his female counterpart. They were perfect together. He was still dark and broody, but I felt I knew him so much more. And that the two really were perfect. Finally I could see why Jane loved Rochester so much, and why he truly could be a hero. Faults and flaws with the good stuff, too. He was very good. Excellent choice.
Well, of course, with every man on my list being there because it was, um, my list, I must say to you all:
"You chose wisely."
But, of course, I want to hear your reasons and opinions of who you did and didn't vote for. I'm sure there are some on my list that you thought "What?!" And others that were "Who?" I want to hear it all. It's time to confess your choices and stand by your men! (If you haven't noticed, discussions are my favorite here.)


Heidi said...

Maggie's Votes:
Mr. Tom LeFroy - I adore this man. But, I'm biased, being married to his long-lost twin and all.

Captain Frederick Wentworth - She pierced his soul, I don't think I have anything that could add to that. Oh, and let's not forget he's wicked cute!
(She means the recent one, I believe. Maybe both.)

Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy - you know which one!
(For those who don't know--that IS the recent one. I know that for sure!)

Sara Lyn said...

You pegged me, Heidi. I can't believe more people didn't vote for Wilburforce. What a man! Maybe they just haven't seen the movie???!!! (How can they be your friends?)

I thought it was funny that Rochester won the whole thing. I can't remember if I voted for him or not. I know that I really enjoyed Toby Stephens in the role and of course, WHAT a romantic story, but he would drive me absolutely crazy! Oh, well. :)

Again, I can't wait to see "The Tenant..." WHERE can I find a copy?! Mr. Edward Ferrars was quite lovely in the latest movie. And the latest Darcy was my favorite, although I wish they had given him better lines.

Waiting to see a whole bunch of those other movies. Did I vote for Hornblower? Can't remember. I loved those movies. The books are fantastic because you get to see what's going on through his mind. Have you read them?

I'm with you. LOVE Rickman as Colonel Brandon. He's enchanted. And his voice! Annoying in other movies, but divine in that one!

Can't believe more didn't vote for Warne. I think you're right. I am rather married to him, eh? I cried and cried after that moving, wondering how things would end up in the eternities.

Loved Wentworth in '07. Can't stand Ciarin Hinds in the role. I'm sorry, but he just drives me crazy. Couldn't handle him in Persuasion or Jane Eyre. He makes a lovely villain.

And once again, I just have to say that Darcy '95 is not THAT cool. (Sorry Mr. Firth.) He does fine, but what does he have on Wentworth and Tilney. Really!!

I love your polls. Keep 'em up!

Heidi said...

Well, one, NO ONE has anything on Tilney. :-)

I wonder about the whole Amazing Grace-friends thing, too. Ha ha. One would think after hearing me talk so much of it, they'd go out to see what in the world I'm talking about! I love that there are still friends at BYU who associate that movie with me.

I, too, would go crazy with a real-life Rochester. Though their flirting money matter scene is a keeper!

Doesn't your dad have Netflix? If he does, see if the Watch Instantly will work on the computer. All 3 episodes are available there.

I have read the first Hornblower book, and loved knowing the nautical terms b/c of the films. My favorite part WAS that we got to know his thoughts. I haven't gotten to the rest, yet, but my work friends are slowly watching the whole series. We just met Mr. Bush last night. :-) How did I forget him in the poll?

Well, like I said, Ciaran is Wentworth only because of Amanda. There little nuances and such. Maybe it's because I had to analyze it for my paper. I find it surprising that I didn't really mention any of that in the actual paper. I saved it for talking about it in class. The '07 Wentworth is fantastic. Has come a long way from the Ciaran Hinds' Jane Eyre.

Thanks for the comments! I love this!

Sara Lyn said...

I love Mr. Bush. He's one of my favorite HH characters. If you read the rest of the HH books, you have to read them ALL. My dad said that he felt the Hornblower/Maria thing all worked out for the best in the books. I haven't read them all, so I don't actually know, but I'd love to know what you think. Thanks for giving such great feedback to my comments. :) It's fun to have long conversations with you over your blog. :)

Heidi said...

I guess I'll have to read more HH books so I can like him better. Seeing as it doesn't look like they'll make more HH movies, though Ioan said he was up for them!

Danforth said...

Thanks, Heidi, for letting me have Roger. And for totally enabling my tendency to have crushes on fictional men.

Henry Tilney is amazing, but he marries Catherine... who I happen to not be a huge fan of. Roger, on the other hand, is kind of a nerd... and I am a huge fan of nerds in general. Especially cute boy ones.

Heidi said...

Unfortunately, I've always felt that I have a lot in Catherine. So it gives me hope that a Henry Tilney can still want and choose her.

And yes, a cute nerd = BONUS points!