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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordle (which rhymes with turtle...sort of)

In my librarian attempts to learn more of the technological things in this world, I have now learned a bit more about word clouds, specifically using the fun generator Wordle. I also now know how these things can be fun and useful in libraries, schools, and education and aren't just something for show or interesting to look at. So I decided to create my own Wordle. I used the Our Mutual Friend film description post to try it out.
Fun, yes? Well, anyhow, I like it. And will probably spend more time than is good for me at Wordle in upcoming bored times. Yet I'll be sure to use it for its usefulness, too. Have fun creating your own!

P.S. This is the Wordle for this entry:


Anonymous said...

Yay, a new toy!

Hannah said...

I've made a few of these myself... very fun. I like taking favorite passages from books and seeing which words figure prominently in the discussion. If only they could make it give weight to "important" words in addition to words that are used more often than others. Hmm.