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Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas with Jane - 2

"These kind of things are very well at Christmas, when one is sitting round the fire."
– Mrs. Elton, Emma

There are so many things that I find "very well at Christmas." Many are great the rest of the year, but there is just something about them at Christmas that brings back the years when Christmas was so magical--full of home and heart. So when I put them into my life now as an adult, I bring back a little of that magic no matter what my situation is in life.

So, I love food. A lot. A whole lot. And most of my caution goes to the wind during the last 5-6 weeks of the year when I enjoy the many different possible foods there are to eat. We're going out to eat? No problem. You tried a new cookie recipe? I think I could taste-test a couple. Meats and cheeses with all kinds of crackers? If you insist. You want to give me my own gallon of eggnog? I'll try to make it last more than a couple of days.

This year while I will still probably throw that caution back to the wind again, I will be trying to instill a sense of exercise that somehow likes to connect itself to that caution. I have a race on New Year's Day, and I want to consider myself "in training." So while I can still (hopefully) enjoy the many tasty things of the season, I'll still try to go running at least once a week. Or at least stand up while eating in order to burn some of the calories that I'm consuming.

"Do people play games at Christmas?" - Scrooge
"I love games!" - Ghost of Christmas Present
Muppet Christmas Carol

I love games, too. The right kind with the right people. My family is a game family. They are a year-long thing. But come any get-together time (frequently the Christmas season) and we are constantly playing games. The ones that last a couple of hours as well as the ones that last days. I love them. It's the best setting for our very-varied personalities to come together in laughter, teamwork, friendly competition, fun, and battle of wits...or wit. I love games. Even if I have to play 3 or 4 hands on my own, I must be sure to include some games this Christmas.

I am a movie fan. A little particular about certain kinds, but still a fan. Some that I love are the Christmas movies I watched with my family. As I create my own family, I am trying to increase my Christmas movie stock. I'm still quite shy of what the original family had, but I can fill the spaces with offerings through Netflix and local libraries. (Yay!)

I also am glad that there is something in my Janeite-ness that leads to Period Dramas feeling Christmasy. Why? Not too sure, but I have a guess it's because some of those Period Dramas leave me feeling the way I do during the Christmas season. The love stories of Our Mutual Friend. The smile from North and South's train scene. The sweetness of friendship from Anne of Green Gables. Many things. It's a good thing my family (of one) has no problem whatsoever of watching Period Dramas at Christmas...and all year long.

Nothing sings Christmas like music. (Ha ha. Me and my wit.) I love many kinds of music. And over the years I have gotten less adverse to listening to Christmas music during non-Christmas parts of the year. But to listen to Christmas music during the Christmas season--oh, it is bliss! Snuggling up in blankets and drinking my family's much-loved hot chocolate is all the more cheery as I hear John Denver singing with the Muppets, Hilary Weeks creating the beautiful atmosphere, or Josh bringing back a bit more of the wonder of Christmas. The leafless trees reflect a bit more of their unique beauty as I listen to Linda Ronstadt wonder as she wanders, or Bing hope as I do for that White Christmas we knew of long ago. And the true meaning stays close inside as I hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir proclaim the joy that is the whole reason we celebrate!

Well, I've already mentioned that I'll get to be with mine this Christmas. I'll try to contain myself a little bit so you don't think I'm as much of a spazz as I really am.

Much more that I could write that I love. And each one had something in common--they are things I love to do throughout the year, too! So if we want to give in to that wish of making every day like Christmas (which is a wise thing to do), then we shall ignore stuffy Mrs. Elton's view that some things are only for Christmas and enjoy them any ol' time we want.

If I happen to double or triple the amount of them at Christmas, well, so be it.

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Sara Lyn said...

I sure love Christmas-time.