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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Let's see how we do with this new poll. Favorite Christmas Festivities! I included secular and non-secular and am allowing more than one choice. If you can see by the last option and have been reading my Christmas posts, you can probably guess that anything which involves Family Togetherness is a favorite for me! I hope each of you are loving the joys of the Christmas season as we come together with our loved ones, celebrating the birth of our Savior and Redeemer.

P.S. "Special Family Traditions" requires explanations. And plenty of other choices could do so, too. Let's bring some more true, come-together Christmas spirit to our Austen-loving world!

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Heidi said...

I'll start off on my Special Family Traditions:
1. we never do a big breakfast. We were pretty good about family breakfast almost every morning of the week. And while they weren't huge, they're bigger than what I typically eat now. Christmas morning was Mom and Dad's break. That's how the tradition of cereal started. And not just any cereal. Actual name-brand cereal!!! Loved it.

2. We always celebrate my brother's birthday at night. 'Cause it is his birthday. Christmas was the morning, and his b-day was the evening.

3. We often did some kind of fun goodie service. One year it was the most-fun-ever 12 days of Christmas that we did to two other families in the ward. As time went on, we made goodie plates for the neighbors. I loved helping with those because I got to work on my baking skills. Who else can make 7 dozen into 12 dozen?

4. We always light the candles on the tree, make promises to the Savior for the coming year as our gifts to Him, and then blow out His candles. This one is one of my favorites and one I've kept in my family of one during the last 3 Christmases that I spent on my own.

5. Dad used to come up with a different code every year so that "Santa" knew whose presents were whose, but we hadn't a clue!!

6. Scripture story first. Stockings second. Presents third. Breakfast fourth. Fun always.