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Saturday, December 12, 2009

More Christmas Polls!

To put us all even more into the holiday spirit, I’ve put up 3 polls! The first was because I felt we should go the literary route, particularly the classics literary route. I put Christmas stories that I’ve read (forgotten some, I’m sure). Well, OK, there is one on the list that I’ve only glanced at. But I’m fairly familiar with the story. I figured that some might not be familiar with the others. And as they are considered classics (in one of my definitions, I would beg to differ), I am putting links to them should you feel inclined to read them on your own.

A Christmas Carol – Charles Dickens
The Cricket on the Hearth – Charles Dickens
The Fir Tree – Hans Christian Anderson
The Gift of the Magi – O. Henry
The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus – L. Frank Baum
Little Women – L. M. Alcott
The Mansion – Henry Van Dyke
A Visit from St. Nicholas – Clement Moore
Yes, Virginia – NY Sun editor

Then I thought we’d go for a less Austen-like poll and put up a whole bunch of Christmas movies I’ve seen. Many are from my childhood. Some are recent discoveries. Some I absolutely love, and others I’ve tolerated. Again, I’m sure there are some I’ve forgotten. And others I didn’t know the names of. But have fun in the land of nostalgia!

In looking over the 2nd poll’s choices, you may notice the extreme lack of Christmas Carol versions. I created a 3rd poll of just Christmas Carol adaptations, leaving my very favorite on the Christmas movies poll. I know there are one or two CC versions I’ve seen, but I can’t remember which ones they were. If you had over 50 adaptations to choose from, I think you’d have the same problem. If only I’d been able to go to my friend Steve’s ScroogeFest while in Utah, I would have a lot more versions on the list and distinguish better between them all. (He is the most CC-movie knowledgeable person I know.)

So, have fun voting! Please be sure to make any comments or questions. I’m still a big fan of discussions!

1 comment:

Sara Lyn said...

Here's my ridiculously long poll comment:

Christmas Story poll - Loved A Christmas Carol. I vaguely remember reading The Gift of the Magi, but since I couldn't remember anything about it, decided not to vote for it. Little Women is a good story, but I still don't think of it as a Christmas story. I'm also glad to see who The Mansion is by. Now I know. :)

Favorite Christmas movies - I've never seen The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, but I LOVE the book and just saw the play, which I also really enjoyed. Love, love A Charlie Brown Christmas. Elf had its high points and low points, but it's definitely not something I would consider a favorite. I secretly enjoyed Home Alone as a kid, but don't admit that publicly. :) LOVE the music. But not a favorite. I've only seen It's a Wonderful Life once, a few years ago, but I loved it so much, it made my list. LOVE Miracle on 34th Street 1947. Gagged on Mo34S 1994. Blech. Love Muppet's Christmas Carol. Michael Caine is too wonderful as Scrooge. The Polar Express was okay, but not worth voting for. The Testaments has its high points, but much as I really love the parts that show Jesus Christ, I can't stand a lot of the other story. And who doesn't LOVE White Christmas!!!! Danny Kaye is a great favorite of mine. :)

Favorite Christmas Carol - Sadly, I think I've only ever seen the Muppets version. But I loved that, so that's the one I voted for. :)