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Monday, May 17, 2010

AKB Book Club, Moving On

It is most definitely time to move on from our visit with the everlasting Tucks. And we shall most definitely move on to a book that I remember better/have read more recently. I thought we might delve a bit more into the fantasy and visit a world that doesn't exist on this earth. Plus, my good reading friend is going through the whole series (probably will be done with it by tomorrow!), and I know how much some of you other reading friends have enjoyed it.

So, ohhhhhhhh be excited--because I sure am!

My friends,

Welcome to Bayern!

Yep! We're going to read The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale for our current selection. Questions will come in a week or two. Enjoy reviewing or re-reading. Or reading for the first time--you're in for a great treat. I'm so thrilled about this one!!!


Kelly and Sara said...

I read that book when I was in school, just found your blog and am your newest follower! Follow us at:


Meredith said...

Sweet! I keep telling myself I'm going to join in the AKB Book Club and then finking out. But I totally have read this book recently enough to answer questions, even if I don't reread it. I'm excited!

atypicalmormonchick said...

I absolutely loved this series! Every girl should read it. It's so refreshing - escaping into a world that is enchanted, beautiful, full of promise and great potential. So fun! Enjoy.
(I hope I'm aloud to comment even if I'm not in the club.)

ldsjaneite said...

Kelly and Sara - Welcome! I hope you enjoy my ramblings. :-)

Meredith - Fantastic! I'm glad you'll be able to join in.

atypicalmormonchick - I agree. It is such a great series. And please do comment! It's an online book club open to anyone who wishes to join in the conversation!