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Friday, May 14, 2010

Tuck Answers, Part 5

  1. Have you seen the movie? What were your impressions of the adaptation?
I have seen the movie. I owned it for a time. As a stand-alone movie, I really liked it. It seemed so magical and yet still conveyed the importance that one should not "go against nature." Ben Kingsley did very well as the yellow suit guy. Cissy Spacek was a good Ma Tuck. I'm not the biggest fan of William Hurt in anything, but he was alright as Pa Tuck. I wouldn't have many problems with Alexis Bledel in the movie, if she could just learn to have better posture and close her mouth once in a while. (Kristin Stewart, anyone?) I loved her white dress, though. :-)

Compare it to the book? Oh my word. Winnie was, what, 11? Jesse showed off, yes. Jesse had interest, yes. But only of who she would be in about 5 or 6 year. There was none of...what was happening in the movie going on. It made the book much more innocent and simply a young girl learning the importance of having a life rather than adding the romantic element into it. Of course, that romantic element which is in the movie does make Winnie's decision all the harder.

  1. Did you relate to Winnie?
I can't remember her well enough from the book to know if I do. I think parts of me does. I'd have to re-read to know for sure. Same goes with the movie--parts of me relate to Winnie. Other parts, not really.

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