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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuck Answers, Part 2

3. What is your reaction to the Tucks' home? Is it a place you would like to be?

I remember liking the Tucks' home. It seemed, uh, homey. Memory tells me that I thought of it as a place where one could definitely feel love. But it has been so long since I read it that maybe I wrote that into my memories. Well, at least I know I want a home where love abides.

4. Imagine if the story had been at another time or place. How would it be different? What changes would have occurred in the story?

I, too, think that if the story was set in modern day, it would not have worked. Too many people, too much possibility in media, etc. It would not be easily hidden--the whole story, I mean. The Tucks themselves? I think they would have adapted just fine.

Oh, but imagine if this had taken place in Medieval Times? And the Tucks had been around for a couple of centuries already? THAT would be interesting. Or set during the time of witch hunting. Or during Roman times. Wow. What possibilities of how the Tucks would have had to learn to hide from society. But I like where and when it is set. I like the country area, and the turn of the 20th century time period.

(P.S. I'm already thinking that from now on I either should pick books I remember better, or re-read the book!)

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Mary (The Sweet Bookshelf) said...


Have you checked out NetGalley.com?? You can read digital galley's of up and coming books. I've just read some that aren't coming out until the Fall.

As a librarian you can see if the books are any good before you purchase them for your library. They are e-books, but all in color and easy to read. Check it out!!