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Friday, May 21, 2010

For Serene...and Others: More Than You (Didn't) Ask For

Serene let me know that she wasn't aware of Josh. And there are so many who don't. Can you see why the world has need of me?! :-) I thought, if she wasn't aware of Josh before now, some of the rest of you might not be either! Well--I had to remedy that! Of course. Fully ready to inundate you.

So here I go in introducing you--or feeding you more--in The Joy of Josh. And I'm pretty sure if you thought you didn't know his music before, you will recognize something somewhere. Note: Most of these videos you could be perfectly fine with just listening to as you go about other tasks. Some facial expressions, clothing choices, or pictorial usage could be better left...alone.

First, I shall begin with the song that began it all for me. (To Where You Are)

While watching this video, I almost started to cry myself--this song meant so much to the nation when he sang it only months after 9/11/01. And it has meant a lot to me.

This next song was from his 2nd album, Closer. Some songs--including Josh's--it takes me a few times listening to it before it makes a connection. As life moves up and down and in and out, various sings mean different things to me. Some mean more at one point than they do at another. Some catch hold of me forever. This song. It only took one time listening before it reached into my soul and found permanent place.

This next song is also from the 2nd album. This song speaks to me in so many ways and has touched me at different times and for different reasons. Can you imagine having this song start playing in the middle of a breaking heart and floods of tears at the realization that another boy...would not choose you? The song has never been the same for me since. (Remember When it Rained)

As you can see, Josh plays and sings. (Composes, too.) I don't do both together well. But I do love playing this song so much. Power and passion all throughout. And note also that this is from the DVD recording of his AWAKE tour. The city chosen was Salt Lake City. And yes. I was there. (Can't you hear my screaming?)

Speaking of that concert (which was my 2nd concert of his to attend), there is one thing I was highly disappointed about with the recording. I have my own recording of it. Very shaky, very blurry, and very screamy. But my recording has what the DVD did not keep--one of my favoritest ever songs:

I have so many favorite songs in this world. And I have so many favorite Josh songs, too. One top favorite came into my life a couple of months prior to the release of his 3rd album AWAKE. It came at the point I needed most. In fact, this is what I blogged at the time (Oct 2006):
Still a few moments of sadness continued. They weren't just related to my guy situation. Some came from feeling the disheartened and hurting emotions of the surrounding sisters in the ward, and even from some of the brothers, too. Yet things happened during the week that I know were messages from Heavenly Father. These included some of the Conference talks I was reading. And I looked up some past General Authority messages. One thing that stood out to me was Pres. Benson telling young single adult women to "never demean yourself." I have trouble with that, and I need to work on it. Another was so subtle, and kind of funny to take it this way, but I chose to do so. On our ward temple trip, I was confirmed for a woman whose last name was Smiley. Is that not a hint to return to being more cheerful, especially to me--who loves to smile?

But the biggest message came yesterday. I learned that my boy Josh is finally releasing another album on Nov. 7th. Of course, I have put in my order. His website has a clip of one of the new songs. I listened a couple of times (as usual) before I started to hear what he was saying. Something stood out and struck me so deeply. I had to find the lyrics, because it sounded like what he was saying was what Heavenly Father and His Son wanted me to hear. And it was. It's what I've been needing to hear for the last 3 weeks.

The song meant so much, I couldn't keep it to myself. The first person I shared it with happened to be Serene's brother--who immediately turned around and shared it with their mother. See? When something has power and truth like that, you can't keep it to yourself. (Kind of like the Gospel...)

(I couldn't help it. I cried while watching this video again. Its truth never stops. Its beauty and comfort never ceases.)

Then there is the song that makes the movie Polar Express amazing and reminiscent of the magic and wonder that Christmas held for us as children....and maybe as adults, too.

Then there is my Guilty Pleasure. Guilty because is so many ways this musical is terrible--the story, a couple of the songs. But some songs are amazing. And the right voices singing those songs? Incredible. I enjoyed borrowing Chess the Musical in Concert on DVD from Netflix for about a month last year around my birthday. And it was a very, very happy thing.

"Where I Want to Be" - demonstrating some amazing talent on Josh's part

"You and I" - a love song of a forbidden, futile, fruitless, and selfish love that gets stuck in my head for days--especially with Josh and the original Elphaba from Wicked

(for more of that song, you can go to this video. The part that speaks most to me right now is at 1:45 until the chorus)

Oh! And I just have to show this hilarious line--hilarious because it's set to music! Wouldn't I love to sing this about someone once in a while.

"Anthem" - if ever a song was meant for Josh, it's this one. He's been singing it for years. (Josh loves musical theater)

Ah. Chess. What a conflict in my music loving heart. But Josh helped put at least some of it firmly in there somewhere.

So, in all of this video browsing, I came across a new (to me) one! This is the 3rd album title song that many are not as familiar with because it was on the Special Edition album. I love the words to this. Interesting as a duet. Really, uh, interesting rendition.

And if I haven't bored you to liquid Jell-O status, yet, here are just a few more!!!!

The duet with Barbra that I love

A favorite A.L. Webber for me (though Josh has a couple of ehh moments in it)

The "other" song in my early discovery of Josh--this one means so much, too. Years later this would "enter" my life in a completely new way. And again, it would never be the same.

(oh goodness. I just started crying at this one, too.)
For SaraLyn (and Becky if she's watching)

A favorite of SO many

One of my favoritest Christmas songs--to sing and to hear

And he knows not to take himself too seriously

Such a fun song to dance to. (Pardon the clothing in this)

And to save my favorite for last. But my favorite Josh song? Can I call it my very favorite? It feels unfair to so many of the others that I love. Hmmm.... Well, very favorite or not, if my future husband is agreeable, this is the (or a) song I would like to dance with him at our wedding reception. It's just so perfect following our temple sealing. (But why oh why can I never find a clip when it's just him singing it? Oh well.)


Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I can't even imagine how long it took you to hunt down and post all those songs but...WOW!! He really is incredible!!

Anonymous said...

That is quite the introduction to Josh! :) here's a link to my first connection to him - just an imitation done by Vocal Point (a nine man A Capella group at BYU that my husband is in), but I thouroughly enjoy it every time I hear it. :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVSgvoroQkg

ldsjaneite said...

Serene-The time was totally worth it. I'm glad you think he's incredible, too. *sigh* He really is.

Bri-I didn't realize your husband was in Vocal Point. I should have, though--he has a very nice Nephi voice. :-) I do love Vocal Point--and oh my word that was an awesome rendition! Thank you for sharing!!

Sara Lyn said...

I still say Michael Ball sings "Anthem" better. You know how I feel about this, but I just had to state for the record.

ldsjaneite said...

Yes, SaraLyn. I do know. :-) I could never like Michael's voice as much as I like Josh's. The first I heard him was in the Les Mis concert. I think I was 15. And I saw a ring on his pinky. I had just learned what that meant and though I don't know if it was his meaning, my very close-minded self at the time wrote him off for a few years. Unfair to him, I know. But....

I do love hearing Michael sing "Love Changes Everything" and "The Key to the Vaults of Heaven."