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Monday, May 17, 2010

Tuck Answers, Part 7

  1. What do you think about Jesse's offer to Winnie?
It's understandable on his part. But it's also a little "How could you ask that?!" What if she did drink the water and the two of them were not each other's best friend? To doom her to a life of eternity that might not be happiest spent with him? And at the age of 16? Heavens, if you had to drink the water but you had a choice in age, don't make it 16! So I think Jesse's offer was selfish and inconsiderate. Yet again, it was an offer. Not a demand or anything. Just a "think about it."

  1. What would you have done if you were Winnie?
Considering that I liked how it ended, I think I would have done as she did. I'm thinking movie here (as I'm not remember the book), but how dare Jesse not return until decades later. If you wanted her to wait for you, you should have come back sooner! In the book, I knew that it was Ma and Pa Tuck who saw the grave, but wasn't that years and years later, too? Just because they have all the time in the world doesn't mean that love--if love was expected and intended--should wait. I don't think love should have to wait. Maybe that's the romantic, tired-of-loneliness self saying that. But even love aside from that of a sweetheart. None of those who should hear and feel your love (like you family) should have to wait for it. They should always be able to know and feel it from us.

  1. Any thoughts on that toad?
I still laugh. I thought it was funny as a child. I find it funny now. And ironic.

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