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Friday, January 29, 2010

Another love has come along

[I couldn't not share this from my 2010 Joy and Gratitude Every Day on my LDS blog]:

Day 29

It isn't often that one finds a wonderful period drama film adaptation of a book. There's always some thing, some part, some character, some acting, some scenery, some unnecessary addition, some direction...some thing that doesn't sit well with us. Usually it's enough some things that add up to it being a good movie. But not THE adaptation that you tell everyone they must see.

Yet occasionally, it does come along. Jane Eyre for one. You know the one. The Toby Stephens version. It's amazing! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. With so many Austen adaptations, I have so many views. I have my favorites, but not many must-sees. The new Northanger Abbey is close, but still missing a couple of my favorite parts. Though JJ Feild is an excellent Henry. I do love his smile. The new Sense and Sensibility, well, I'm exceedingly happy with that one, too. (Except for the opening scene. I do like the behind closed doors of Austen to stay behind those doors--on the other side of me.)

Well, finally a version of Emma has come along that is it. The thing. I'll be fine watching the other versions, but I would be perfectly content to only watch this new Romola Garai and Jonny Lee Miller version for the rest of my time on earth. Wonderful happiness!

What perfect book-to-film period drama adaptations bring you joy?


Lynnae said...

You sound a lot like me. I had to warn someone about the opening scene of Sense and Sensibility, and it is so pointless. Austen lovers love her because she is high quality. Not a little spice thrown in for Hollywood's sake. People can get that anywhere.

Christina T said...

While I liked the updated Sense and Sensibility my favorite is still the 1995 version with Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet. The scene where Marianne is seriously ill and Elinor is begging her not to die never fails to move me to tears.

I do prefer the new Emma, t and the new Jane Eyre. I also liked Northanger Abbey but it is the only version I have seen. With Persuasion I am torn because I liked the acting in the 90s version but the actors look so much better in the update. I am not a fan of Ciaran Hinds. He looked much too old to be Wentworth.

Did you see the newer version of Mansfield Park? I liked Jonny Lee Miller as Edmund Bertram in the older version but otherwise I liked the update better. I felt the version from the 90s was too sensual for a Jane Austen film. What about P&P? Which is your favorite adaptation? I used to prefer the older standby with Colin Firth but now I like the new one more.

Heidi said...


I saw your Austen Trivia score. I took the quiz just now, but Facebook is having problems and won't post my results. I got 2939. Knowing that time was a factor, I hurried. I missed two, however one was because my mouse pad is ultra sensitive, and the other was tricky and I got a letter wrong. That's what happens when one rushes, I suppose. I was quite proud that I got the janeite question right. Considering I have used that term for myself ever since I first learned of it....

Heidi said...

Christina - I agree about the older MP. Way too sensual. And not true to the character of Fanny. I thought the newer version tried harder to be more like the book. But the 70s version I feel is closer to the characters and the book. It's oldness makes it painful to watch.

For P&P, it's a tough one. So many elements from different ones that I like. If I were told I could only watch one for the rest of my life, I would go for the Colin Firth. Simply because it is so close to the book (I had to follow the book while watching the movie for a school assignment, so I know!). We had a vote on these many months ago. This was the P&P result: http://austenknowsbest.blogspot.com/2009/05/best-p-film-adaptation.html

I'm back and forth with Persuasion, too. The new one is great, but I'm attached to the old one because I had to analyze it for a paper. And while Ciaran did look old, at the time I saw the movie I had already liked him as Mr. Rochester. Time has passed and I don't feel as much the same now. But it's funny how loyalty wants to creep in. Yet the new Wentworth. Wow!

I agree that the tender scene in 95 S&S is very sweet and so well done. But my favorite part of the book had always been that Willoughby came to "confess" to Elinor. And the new one showed that. I was so happy!

Northanger Abbey--there is only one other version. And it's so excruciatingly awful that the new one is brilliant in comparison.