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Sunday, January 24, 2010

AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over a year of anxious waiting and I finally can watch the Romola Garai Emma! Thank you Masterpiece Theater. The next 3 weeks shall be wonderful!

I'll let you know my Austen Expert Thoughts.

(ha ha ha ha ha ha)


Sara Lyn said...

I'm dying to know what you think. I am LOVING it so far!!!!! What perfect casting! I am going to buy this is soon as it's available. (And I have the funds. Hopefully that will be a very close time period.) :) Is it just me or are Mr. Knightley's facial expressions hilarious? I laughed and laughed.

Heidi said...

I agree that the casting is great. I'm still trying to get used to some of them and how they chose to portray their character. It's a different Jane, but I like that she does come off a little homely. And this is the most likable unlikable Emma I've ever seen--more how I think Austen intended her to be. Plus, it's Romola!

My only downside to this so far is that at parts I feel it drags. But I'm pretty sure that's because I know the story so well. I say a line before they say it, because I know that's what comes next! And then I ruin it for myself because of the delivery and such. It's like I have to re-train myself to watch a movie. See...this is one reason why I don't like to know the end from the beginning. Not for my first time to watch something. But I'm sure by the end I'm going to be so in love with this version. And repeated viewings (like North & South) will have me loving it more and more.

It's probably also because this was the first part of the story. It's the rest that I always wonder what a film will do. For instance, will this one have one of my favorite parts of the book--the spelling game? The Beckinsale version did, the Paltrow one didn't. Of course, the Paltrow one was missing out on quite a bit.

And I'm glad I can finally like the actor who plays Mr. Knightley. I think he's doing quite well. Miss Bates is SPOT ON! All the minor characters are. (Oh...I have a couple of issues with Mrs. Weston that I hope will change as the movie progresses, especially as she is an actress I like.) And I like the town better. I'm looking forward to the actress who plays Mrs. Elton. And for the dancing to come in. And....

Yes. I'm enjoying it. Muchly. I'm glad we decided to watch it. :-)

Sara Lyn said...

Me too. Loved your comments. LOVE Romola does with the character. I think it's amazing!

Christina T said...

I am a Jane Austen enthusiast and new to your blog. I really enjoyed watching this new adaptation of Emma. I have only seen the Gwyneth Paltrow version. I did start to watch the Kate Beckinsale one but didn't get to finish. I am looking forward to the arrival of Mrs. Elton to liven things up in Highbury.

I am glad that I find Emma's behavior annoying this time like I did when I read the book.

Hannah said...

She's the only Emma I've ever even remotely liked. Glad you aren't opposed to the rendition. I can't seem to place the father, but I know I know him from somewhere. It's like running into someone at the grocery store and trying to scramble through your brain for a name, but that feeling lasts for two hours. Grr. IMDB is my next destination.