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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

They Just Keep Coming!

Dear Roger.
Faithful Gilbert.
Sweet John.
O Henry.
Meet Albert.
Amazing, devoted, loyal, supportive, inspiring, encouraging, loving husband of Queen Victoria.
Whose love story is most wonderfully portrayed in the recent movie The Young Victoria
(which I was more than fortunate of getting to see last Saturday).

A love story which perfectly shows why, how, and what marriage is meant to be.
I am in love.



Well, OK. Yes.



~Mary said...

Oh I am so glad it finally made it's way to the US! I just love this story.

Did you know that the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson was the collaborator for this movie? She was so keen for the last few decades to tell this beautiful love story and finally got the chance. Her daughter Princess Beatrice was a lady in waiting in the movie.

Albert, Rupert Friend, was Wickham in the new Pride & Prejudice? Love him.

Glad you liked it!! I love it and have seen it more than 10 times!

Sara Lyn said...

Ooo!! Can't wait to see it! I've always wondered why should would mourn her husband for 40 years. Obviously much longer than she was married to him. I wonder if I can talk my dad into renting it. :)