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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Your Opinions, Please

I'm getting ready to finally tackle the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I've wanted to read this for years. I'm going the audio version (we'll cross our fingers). My questions are:

1.) Would you consider the trilogy as stand-alone from The Hobbit? I read Hobbit in 9th grade (and loved it). So I'm trying to figure out if I count Fellowship of the Ring as 2nd in a series or not. I guess either way it will go for the challenge, because it would be my second book to read by the author. But, still, I'd like to know if others count the 4 together as a series. Personally, I don't. I always saw it as a trilogy, and a separate prequel-ish book. Yet I think I thought that so I wouldn't feel guilty in 9th grade when I didn't immediately plunge into the other 3 books after I finished Hobbit.

2.) Would you consider this YA or no? I hear back and forth. And as my definitions of what exactly is YA lit (even after a YA lit class) vary, it's hard to say. It's quite appealing to many of the age group. But there aren't any main characters of that age. I'm going to go with a no, but I wanted to check with all of you first.


Christina T said...

I do think of The Lord of the Rings as being a stand alone. I actually read The Lord of the Rings first and then read The Hobbit. I am glad I did because I didn't like The Hobbit as much.

I also think that The Lord of the Rings is not YA. I believe Tolkien wrote for it for adults. He was trying to create an epic for the English language like Beowulf or The Odyssey and he uses the form of the epic throughout The Lord of the Rings. The people of Rohan are based on that Old English kind of thing (their names are directly from Old English-Theoden, Eowyn, etc.) and the hall of the king, Meduseld, is based on Heorot, the great hall in Beowulf. Sorry to get carried away but I hope that helps.

Heidi said...

Thank you, Christina! The info. does help. And it keeps my from trying to rationalize so I can more easily meet my 75 YA books challenge this year. :-)

And welcome to my blog! Thank you for coming over. I hope you enjoy! Good luck with your own blogging attempts. And yay for being a librarian!!

Sara Lyn said...

I'm with Christina