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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Before We Move On...

I thought we might add an extra week to our tour in allowing for a bit more discussion of Anne of Green Gables. Please feel free to take part and answer any or all of the following questions. Again, answers can be posted here, or emailed to me to be put into their own separate post. Don't forget to take part in AoGG Discussion Part 1 if you're still interested!

1. What is one of your favorite parts of the book?

2. What is one of your least favorite parts of the book?

3. Who is your favorite character and why?

4. Who is your least favorite character and why?

5. What do you think of L. M. Montgomery's writing style? (Think Mr. Harrison from Anne of Avonlea, if you've read it.)

6. Have you met anyone in your life who had similar traits and qualities to characters from the book?

7. Which character do you relate to the most?

8. Which character do you relate to the least?

9. If you were Marilla, would you have kept Anne--knowing how much a boy was needed and seeing...well, what you did of Anne up to that point?

10. Have you read the prequel to Anne of Green Gables? What did you think of it? Did you think the author did a good job in staying true to Anne? Did you like what the author did in and with the story?

11. If you were Anne, would you have gone as long as you did before forgiving Gilbert?

12. Did you ever have friendly--or unfriendly--competitions with others in school?

13. What think ye of the movie adaptation(s) for this book?

14. Have you read other books in the series? What are some of your thoughts? (I know, I know. A separate discussion could be had for each of those!)

Enjoy one more week with Anne before we move on to our next book!


Sara Lyn said...

Ah! I'm glad you haven't moved on yet, because I haven't answered anything yet. Sorry! Get ready for a long comment. :)

1. Favorite part of the book - The development of her relationship with Matthew.

2. Least favorite part - Her drama, drama, drama. I know that partially makes the book, but I really enjoy her more as she gets less silly. :)

3. Favorite character - Marilla. She seems so prickly, yet is as loving as can be.

4. Least favorite character - Josie Pye. Obvious reasons.

5. L.M.'s writing style - Delightful. Not the way I would write, but it works for her.

6. Met someone similar to a character - Good question. I had a friend who reminded me a lot of Gilbert, to tell you the truth. Except he was slightly psychotic.

7. Character I relate to - Diana. I'm more pragmatic than Anne, but can be drawn into silliness. It makes me nervous though. :)

8. Character I relate to least - Ruby.

9. Would I have kept Anne - Yes. Her sob story is too affecting.

10. Prequel - It was okay. I thought it was interesting how she brought what history we did know of Anne and fleshed it out. I didn't agree with everywhere the story was taken, but... I couldn't have done better. :)

11. Gone so long to forgive Gilbert - Oh, it depends. Caleb and I had rough times for about three years. Although we had periods where we each gave/took. So probably not.

12. Competition in school - I had no competition in school. I was the best! Just kidding. I didn't have any formal rivals. But there were definitely kids who were way smarter than me!

13. Movie adaptation - The original Anne movie (with Colleen Dewhurst) was delightful. I thought it really kept the spirit of the story. The sequel was good, but convoluted a lot of my favorite parts of the books. The third was garbage. Absolutely worthless.

14. Read the series - Oh, yes! I LOVE it! Books two, three, and eight are my favorite. I actually really enjoy four and five, too. I only read six and seven once a long time ago, but have never gotten the gumption to read them again. Maybe with my own girls eventually... I love seeing Anne grow up and mature and become a mother. So sweet. I always thought she was a wonderful mother.

Heidi said...

The drama: Amen.

I laugh at the idea of a psycho Gilbert. I also have a guess as to who that might be. But I could be wrong, since I didn't know the guy well.

Yes. I didn't relate much to Ruby either more for the fact that I felt I didn't see her much. And then my the 3rd book, I REALLY didn't relate.

I love seeing Anne as a mother, too! Especially to a big family!