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Friday, January 29, 2010

Another Opinion or Two

More "Is it YA" questions. Usually I go by how my library has cataloged an item. But sometimes I don't agree. Or I don't want to agree so I can reach my goal of 75 YA this year!

Chronicles of Prydain - YA or no? Our library has the first few as juvenile, and the rest as YA. (I've seen libraries do that with Little House and Anne, too.) I've only just started the first book, but it seems to me that the guy is teen-ish. I would like to count the whole series as YA.

Chronicles of Narnia - YA or no? Our library has them all as juvenile. I rather agree there, even if at times some of the characters are teens. Yet I have seen some other libraries classify them as YA. Or both. This can be tough because the books were published before YA was an "official" genre. Daddy Long Legs and Little Women and such are often classified as adult fiction because they weren't originally in a YA genre (which didn't "exist!"). I believe they are both YA.

However, it is the two chronicles series that I wonder about right now. What are your opinions?

1 comment:

Sara Lyn said...

Personally, I would put both as juvenile. But appropriate and good reading for young adults.